gold baseball bat cross necklace

gold baseball bat cross necklace made of premium stainless steel: This baseball cross necklace is made of 18/8 Grade hypoallergenic stainless steel which will never fade or turn your neck green.
zzcross gold baseball bat cross necklace: It is fire!It is made of three high polished baseball bats.
PERFECT GIFT FOR MANY OCCASION: It is suitable for all ages and old occasion such as men, women, baseball players, baseball coach or baseball fans.
TOP ENCOURAGEMENT FOR YOUR BASEBALL PLAYERS:Show your support and care for your baseball player or baseball fans.



BEAUTIFULLY gold baseball bat cross necklace. Inspiring! UNIQUE AND INSPIRING GIFT for Christmas or any other special occasion or celebration. Birthdays, Graduation, Fathers Day, Baseball Coach or Team Gift, Communion or Christening.
Metal: Stainless Steel is robust and will not tarnish or rust easily, it is easy to maitain and ideal for long-lasting jewelry designs

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