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Can anybody wear cross (necklace, earrings) as accessories?

It is not unusual to find many Christians wearing cross jewelry as a way of expressing their faith. In Christendom, the cross is a symbol of hope, faith, and victory. It tells the inspiring story of how Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to the world and was crucified to save his people.

Many people perceive cross jewelry as Christian religious items, and they are right to do so. However, cross jewelry are not restricted to being religious items alone, they can also serve a variety of functions, one of which is being a trendy fashion statement. This article will give an insight into such functions. But before we delve into all that, let’s go check out the history of cross jewelry and how they came to be.

History of Cross Jewelry

Some sources claim that before the Christian era, cross jewelry had been in existence and were already used to express different faiths and beliefs. Some sources claim that they were even used by ancient pagan religions.

In ancient times, before the use of cross jewelry became popular, they were usually worn by strict, adherent believers of Christianity that were persecuted as a show of their order and faith.

However, in the 4th century, history has it that Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, this made other Christians more courageous, and people started wearing it widely.

Wearing Cross jewelry; What it Means?

Cross jewelry are often worn by Christians to express their faith in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. They are used in different religious ceremonies like baptism, Easter, first communion, and so on.

However, irrespective of their religion or beliefs, cross jewelry are now being worn by trend followers as a fashion statement. You will also find them in many high-end fashion brand stores. The meaning of the cross is not limited to just the resurrection of Jesus Christ; depending on your reason for wearing them, cross jewelry can mean different things. For instance, you can wear them to remind yourself that as long as there is life, there is always hope.

Furthermore, depending on their design, color, style, or shape, they can be used to express different things.

Types of Cross Jewelry

The most common types of cross jewelry come in form of necklaces. But they are not limited to this. Cross jewelry can come in different forms, some of them include:

Cross Earrings

Cross earrings are unique and alluring pieces of jewelry. They are a far cry from the usual conventional earrings we are used to seeing. What’s more? They come in different designs, styles, and colors that can help you properly express your faith or your fashion sense. They are also comfortable to wear and can go perfectly well with any dress style.

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Cross Rings

Rings symbolize eternity or something that has no end. They are one of the few pieces of jewelry that signify an unending phenomenon. Couple this with your belief and reason for getting the ring and you have a piece of jewelry that will perfectly depict your eternal faith or belief in an idea.

Cross rings are a rather dashing form of cross jewelry. They offer you the chance to add flair to your dress style whilst still expressing your faith and beliefs. It also helps that there are various options to choose from ranging from eternity cross rings, bishop cross rings, cocktail cross rings, and so on.

Cross rings can also perform a variety of functions. For instance, eternity cross rings have a symbol of eternity on them and are perfect as wedding rings. There is also the opportunity to customize them to your personal taste. Reach out to us on zzcross to get your personal and gorgeous customized cross ring in any design and style of your choice.

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Cross Bracelet

Bracelets are very common pieces of jewelry. The right ones can transform a casual outfit or look into a stylish and elegant one. Cross bracelets are also a great way to spice up your fashion style and embrace your beliefs about them. Customized bracelets take this a step further as you can have them inscribed with words or phrases you believe in, your name or that of a loved one and you can have them come in whatsoever designs you prefer.

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Cross Necklaces

These are the most common types of cross jewelry. They’ve been around for quite a while and have been used as both fashion statements and religious items. ln fact, in the late 1900s, Madonna daringly wore it as a fashion statement.

Because of their popularity, cross necklaces come in different attractive and beautiful styles. Let’s check some of them out.

Sideways Cross Necklaces

These are some of the newest and most modern versions of cross necklaces. Just as the name implies, sideways cross necklaces are necklaces or pendants with their crosses facing sideways. They can mean various things. Some people wear it to show the struggle of Jesus Christ as he carried the cross to Calvary, while others perceive it as a way of expressing their self-awareness.

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In Christianity, as a martyr, the Apostle Peter was also nailed to the cross, he however asked that his cross be turned upside down so that it doesn’t end up like that of Jesus’ own. Based on this story, one of the meanings behind upside-down cross necklaces is humility and belief in Jesus’s death as the ultimate sacrifice. In non-religious terms, the upside-down cross could be taken to mean one’s choice to not conform to the usual norms but rather operate on their own norms.

These are not the only form of jewelry that can be made into cross jewelry, we also have leg chains, cuff links, and so on.

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celtic cross necklace

The Celtic cross necklace is not as famous as the Latin cross but it is nevertheless not less important. The Celtic cross comes in a design that has a circle surrounding the intersection between the arm and the stem. The circle is a sign of eternity. It is also a piece of common cross jewelry and prized Celtic heritage jewelry.

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Why You Should go for Cross Jewelry, Irrespective of Your Religion;

As we’ve mentioned earlier in the article, cross jewelry have now gone beyond their normal usual meaning associated with religion, they can serve a variety of functions. Below are some of the reasons you should consider going for cross jewelry, irrespective of your religion.

They can serve as gifts ideas

Although cross jewelry have a religious connotation and are usually almost used in Christian ceremonies such as baptism, communion and so on. They can also be amazing gift ideas. And what’s more? They are suitable as gifts for almost any type of occasion or event. It also helps that you can have them customized. What makes them the perfect gift idea is that they are unique, can be customized and they come in different designs and shapes that can suit the person you want to gift them to.

They are ways to express your beliefs

Cross jewelry are also a really cool way to express one’s belief, particularly if you’re a Christian or you believe in what the symbol of the cross represents. You don’t necessarily have to be a Christian to wear cross jewelry, different types of the cross have different meanings, so you can wear them to express your beliefs or faith in something.

They are cool and trendy fashion statements

Cross jewelry are now becoming popular, especially in high-end fashion stores and more people are wearing them as fashion statements every day. Popular influencers like Rita Ora and fashion blogger Ashlei Louise have been seen sporting it in their looks. They can be worn as rings, necklaces, and bracelets to accentuate a particular fashion or dressing style.

Even though cross jewelry were mainly perceived as religious or pious items, they have now outgrown that notion and can now serve varieties of uses.
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