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Cross jewelry is always a timeless, trendy symbol, suitable for both men and women.


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“It’s a good necklace, very nice and basic. It’s very small, so make sure your getting the right size for the person. It fits sort of like a choker for men, I’m changing size from a 18-24.”

Paula Robinson

“We live in a world full of darkness and evil. The light that is reflected in this beautiful shiny silver cross is the light of Christ, and is the brightness of God shining on the retina of the human soul. Life can be wonderful on earth, only with the light of Christ shining and pointing to the right path in life..”

Luis Carlos

“Oh, the Lords prayer is there alright. The entire thing. Of course you need a magnifying glass to read it, but it’s all there. Trust me. And it won’t turn your skin black like pure silver alone.”

Alicia Stone

“Got what I asked for. Shipping was a bit long but with the Virus on the go it’s ok. Necklace looks great!”

Matthew Johnson
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4 Best Baseball Cross Necklace in 2022

These baseball bat-themed cross make the perfect gift for baseball fans of all ages, even if they’ve never played the sport.

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