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Like the cross, wherever it is he points in every direction. We offer free shipping worldwide, and everyone has the opportunity to get their favorite cross jewelry.

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Super lightweight and comfortable. I did struggle a tiny bit at first at trying to get them in because I’ve never had an earring with a latch like this one before. But once I got it in it was so easy from there on out.
Kyle Simon
My son just gifted this to his girlfriend a few weeks ago, when it came in I was blown away by how beautiful it was, I actually wanted to keep it for myself. She loved it so much as well and it fit her like a glove.
Brittany Foxx
Well made piece of jewelry. My son loves it. Did have to order a second one because the chain I bought the first time was too short, but my son loves it and it was worth it. Will probably gift the other one
Mark Foster
I love this bracelet, my skin is very sensitive to most metals, I need a jewelry that is nickle-free and look good at the sametime. It doesn't make my skin very red and very itchy. I love how it is look and it works well with my other silver jewelry. It is very cheap and I recommend for my other friends and family to it.
Kristina Jones
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